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V-type chain plate connecting machine

Device parameters:
Voltage:380V   50HZ
Air pressure:0.4-0.6Mp  
Working speed:100-200Pieces / minute
Equipment size:1800X500X1100nm
Equipment introduction:
In order to reduce the flaws in the outer diameter of the product, reduce the number of times of loading and unloading, and design the smooth and non-destructive order of the products between the various processing steps of the machine tool. Suitable for the transmission of conical and cylindrical rollers with a diameter of 7-16mm / 14-28mm / 25-60mm. It can adapt to the discharge mode of various machine tools, the height of incoming and outgoing materials and the direction of feeding and discharging. It can be freely turned at 90 degrees and 180 degrees, and the steering radius can be as small as 200mm.

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Product parameter

(1) The connection auxiliary equipment has designed different types and specifications according to the type and size. According to different types of users different specifications of bearing processing technology requirements product quality requirements flexible configuration of different types of auxiliary equipment to form an automatic connection;
(2) The connection equipment is equipped with demagnetization cleaning function and the cleanliness meets the processing and measurement requirements;
(3) The connection with the off-board inspection equipment has a sorting function which can distinguish between the qualified products the number of returned products the count of waste products and visually display the values;
(4) The connection with the off-board detection equipment has an automatic feedback function which can feed back the results of the measurement data analysis to the main operation equipment and perform operations such as addition and subtraction compensation and parking.
(5) The connection has a control function for the machine tool and the connection host can be equipped with a mutual control device so that the units operate reasonably and no wrong action occurs;
(6) The conveyor chain plate is made of imported engineering plastics which is wear-resistant and oil-resistant and does not yellow or deform;
(7) The connection line is equipped with the corresponding oil receiving water receiving device and there is no oil leakage and leakage during the production process;
(8) The connection equipment is suitable for on-site placement which is convenient for maintenance and convenient operation.
Scope of application:
The connection is generally suitable for small and medium-sized large-volume production of ball bearings tapered roller bearings wheel bearings and other ferrule grinding machine tools some machining surface grinding machine tools other processing assembly and distribution The transport connection between.
Connection form:
1. Automatic feeding and material structure of a single machine tool;
2. The connection structure of multiple machine tools designed according to the processing requirements;
3. Multiple machine tool strings and parallel composite wiring structures designed to improve and match process efficiency;
4. According to the installation position of the conveying device it can be divided into the upper routing the rear routing and the composite routing;
5. According to the different lifting devices it can be divided into chain chain plate rodless cylinder and timing belt lifting connection. Complex irregular products or special requirements for product quality.

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