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Device parameters:
Voltage:380V 50HZ
Working speed:150-300 Pieces / minute
Equipment size: 2800X700X1200mm
Vibration storage platform:
It is the first storage bin discharging platform. The tool box is placed on the platform, the product automatically enters the vibration platform, and the feeding speed and frequency of the vibration platform are controlled by the full switch on the roller material processing machine to ensure a small amount of orderly entry into the roller material processing machine to achieve the roller. The material handler runs smoothly and orderly without jamming.
Roller feeder:
The vibrating platform discharge products are arranged in the same direction by a conventional rolling bar, and the cleaning machine is installed on the material processing machine, and the heat-treated product can be roughly cleaned, which will increase the service life of the roller and the O-belt conveyor. The washing water is a small amount of concentrated water supply, and the material handling machine is equipped with a water receiving tray.
O-belt conveyor:
For the first uncentered grinding feed, the roughness and cleanliness of the product cannot be guaranteed due to the heat, and the chain conveyor belt wears faster and the stability is relatively poor. The O-belt conveyor uses a PU green hot-connecting belt for easy replacement and a favorable belt price.

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