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13 discharge machines

Device parameters:
Air pressure:0.4~ 0.6Mp
Voltage:210-240V  5A 50HZ
Working speed:200Pieces/minute
Use of the product:
Roller grinding online equipment

Equipment introduction:
In order to reduce the flaws in the outer diameter of the product, reduce the number of times of loading and unloading, and realize the smooth and non-destructive order of the products between the various processing steps of the machine tool, it includes the loading device of the workpiece, the lifting conveyor, Online testing equipment, demagnetization cleaning equipment, material handling equipment and other equipment.
It is connected with the machine tool in an orderly manner and automatically controlled to form an automatic connection for processing and production. Its application not only improves processing productivity, but also reduces labor intensity.
Moreover, it is conducive to stability, improve the quality of processed products, and can realize data analysis, processing and storage of product processing, and improve the quality management level of production enterprises.

Product Video

Product parameter

1.The flexible connection can be adjusted freely to connect any processing equipment of height and feeding mode.
2.Equipped with off-board testing equipment to distinguish between qualified products repaired products and scrap products and do mathematical statistics separately.
3.The detection device has an automatic feedback function and the host performs addition and subtraction compensation or parking operation according to the number of qualified products.
Scope of application:
It is especially suitable for high-volume production of precision bearings or for the transfer connection between other precision machining processes.

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